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Hangzhou's superior resources

Hangzhou is the e-commerce capital of China, the global cross-border e-commerce innovation highland, and the first city of cross-border e-commerce in the country;


1. Superior geographical location and transportation conditions provide convenient conditions for overseas procurement and logistics distribution for cross-border e-commerce;

2. Abundant e-commerce resources and talent advantages provide a good operating environment and service guarantee for cross-border e-commerce;

3. Active government support and policy measures provide one-stop enterprise services and customs clearance speed for cross-border e-commerce;

4. Complete e-commerce industry chain, cross-border e-commerce enterprises cover multiple fields, rich product types, and strong market competitiveness;

5. Actively expand overseas markets and develop an international business model, providing new opportunities and platforms for Chinese goods to go global

6. Hangzhou has 7 major professional lighting markets, namely Galaxy Lighting Market (formerly Hangzhou Lighting Market), Chengbei Lighting City, Angel Lighting City, Oriental Lighting City, Yongjia Lighting Furniture Plaza, West Lake Lighting Market, Hangzhou Sixth Space Lighting World, etc.