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NEW Guidelines for Visas to China


If you are an exhibitor or visitor planning to attend Hangzhou Lighting Fair 2024, you are RECOMMENDED TO APPLY IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR CHINESE VISA.


Regulations enforced by different Chinese Embassies round the World vary. So please check carefully with your local Embassy or travel agent for the exact requirement in your country. As a guideline the current situation for visa applications to China are as follows:


Tourist visas: Still the easiest and cheapest option for attending a show if you can get it. As a minimum Embassies require a travel itinerary and hotel confirmation (document from the hotel). Tourist visas are not possible for many countries and this list varies from time to time. Please check if it is possible to obtain a tourist visa from your country, as this is by far the easiest approach, particularly as no formal letter of invitation is required first.


Business visas: Takes more time, as a formal letter of invitation is required from an Official Government body. To apply for a business visa you must submit to the Chinese Embassy your itinerary, hotel confirmation and Official letter of Invitation. We can apply for your official letter of invitation and costs as detailed below will be involved.


A) Exhibitors: Application FOC + courier charge.

B) Visitors: Application, normally fee US$ 30, depending on country + courier charge. Payment must be made in advance before we start the application process.


Applications for a formal invitation letter can take 5-10 days + courier time + application time required for the visa. Please complete the application fo and submit to info@goldenexpo.com.cn.Procedure of application will be started from 05 May 2014 (one month before the show starts) by the government new policy.


On receipt we will inform you charges involved and payment instructions.


Visa regulations may change so please confirm the precise requirements with your local Chinese Embassy or travel agent and APPLY EARLY.


For more information, please contact:

Tel: 021-50131760

Emaill: info@zhongliexpo.com