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For lighting industry suppliers who want to have direct contact with domestic and foreign buyers and achieve business cooperation, attending the Hangzhou International Lighting & LED Expo 2024 (HangZhou Lighting Fair) is an effective way to achieve its goals.

Hangzhou International Lighting & LED Expo 2024 provides a unique opportunity for lighting industry suppliers to reach out to global target buyers, establish business contacts and increase sales.

 Concurrent Activities

At the same time, the exhibition will hold a forum on the promotion of lighting and lighting brand clusters to help go to sea, a lecture on technical trade measures for lighting and LED products, a training course on lighting testing technology and certification for lighting and lighting, a conference on the selection of e-commerce products for lighting and LED products, and an overseas matchmaking meeting for lighting manufacturers.


Among them, the forum on lamps and lighting brand clusters to help foreign trade go overseas is to accelerate the construction of a brand power, help lamps and lighting foreign trade go overseas and high-quality development, and enhance the influence and competitiveness of China's brand in the world. The forum aims to better promote the transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry to intelligent, branding and digitalization, enhance the global influence of lighting brand clusters, help lighting brand cluster enterprises to lay out a new track of foreign trade going to sea, and grasp the blue ocean business opportunities of foreign trade lighting and lighting.

Experts and authoritative figures will gather at the Seminar on Technical Measures to Trade for Lighting and LED to share their ideas on domestic and

international laws and regulations, export policies, technical trade barriers, policy directions, etc., exploring future market trend analysis and the latest industry technologies in the lighting industry and interpreting and boosting the future development trends to facilitate the export of lighting enterprises to foreign countries.

Training on Testing and Certification of Lighting and LED & Matchmaking Procurement Meeting serves as a platform for policy interpretation, intellectual exchange, and consciousness guidance. It provides an integrated resource for the entire industry chain, establishing an efficient platform for technical exchange and trade cooperation.


Major Exhibits

Outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and lamps, energy-saving lamps, led lighting, professional lighting, electric light sources, urban beautification systems, lighting appliance supporting products, manufacturing and testing equipment, etc.


Hangzhou's superior resources

Hangzhou is the e-commerce capital of China, the global cross-border e-commerce innovation highland, and the first city of cross-border e-commerce in the country;


1. Superior geographical location and transportation conditions provide convenient conditions for overseas procurement and logistics distribution for cross-border e-commerce;

2. Abundant e-commerce resources and talent advantages provide a good operating environment and service guarantee for cross-border e-commerce;

3. Active government support and policy measures provide one-stop enterprise services and customs clearance speed for cross-border e-commerce;

4. Complete e-commerce industry chain, cross-border e-commerce enterprises cover multiple fields, rich product types, and strong market competitiveness;

5. Actively expand overseas markets and develop an international business model, providing new opportunities and platforms for Chinese goods to go global

6. Hangzhou has 7 major professional lighting markets, namely Galaxy Lighting Market (formerly Hangzhou Lighting Market), Chengbei Lighting City, Angel Lighting City, Oriental Lighting City, Yongjia Lighting Furniture Plaza, West Lake Lighting Market, Hangzhou Sixth Space Lighting World, etc.



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